Welcome to Sacred Sips, the podcast that gives a sneak peek into the lives of
2 gals navigating the highs and lows of spirituality.



🔮 Here’s what we talked about in this episode:


  • Energetic properties of the new and full moon
  • Making space to manifest more
  • Resistance and holding on
  • Observation of the inner world and how it helps you make change
  • Making energetic space in the physical realm
  • Relationship dynamics and allowance to change


⚠️ Content Warning: This episode discusses topics like addiction, compulsive behaviours and suicidal ideation


What’s in our cup:

Seryna – Coconut caramel macchiato

Richelle – Noorish Chai Rooibos


💡 Links to things we discussed in this episode:

Dress for Success

Noorish Chai by Lotus Destiny

You can heal your life by Louise Hay

Tiffany Haddish’s comedy show “They Ready”


About Us

Richelle Payer

Richelle Payer is an Intuitive Channel who dives deep into your Soul’s wisdom. Her unique connection to the Etheric Realm allows her unfettered access to your Soul’s Blueprint to clear away any stuck and stagnant energy that’s holding you back. Richelle’s gone by many different titles over the years, though the heart of her work is based in Compassion, Truth and Divine Love.  She has a crystal clear channel to the Divine and that wisdom that pours through her, feels like you’re having a conversation with an old friend. If you’re ready for change at the deepest level, she’s your girl.

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Seryna Myers

Seryna Myers is a Sacred Transformation Mentor, Author of Sacred Anger, and Professional Speaker. Her divinely guided coaching supports recovering people pleasers explore how they really feel (including uncomfortable emotions like anger) so they can give themselves radical permission to experience it all. This helps them bring more of what they truly desire into their life so they can align to living with purpose, on purpose. Her latest book Sacred Anger explores the divine teachings of our most feared emotion. You can find it at most major online bookstores.